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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Intelligent Design

Okay, so things have been crazy lately. But the upside of that is there is now a lot to talk about. The first of a long myriad of discussions to soon be posted is about "Intelligent Design". Believe it or not, one of my Astronomy students brought this in to me. It was an e-mail he received and I have no idea who the author is, but he states some old ideas in a newer, cooler way.

"As I understand the argument for intelligent design, it boils down to the belief that nothing as complex as life and the universe could possibly be the result of the random factors inherent in the universe. That anything so complex must have been the deliberate construction of some, to us, stupendous intelligence. I like this approach for the very reason its proponents should not. If this is true, it is inherent in the belief that that intelligence must itself be even more complex that His creation. I like this because it leads me to ask a significant question, while giving me the opportunity to provide a crucial answer.
Where did it all start?
If the complexity that is life and the universe, of itself, demands that a creator exist, then assuredly the complexity of that creator must demand no less. Intelligent design is then left with only two possibilities: First, that there is an endless progression of creators, creating creators, with no beginning, but ending in the creation of our universe and us. This would specifically require that the creator of the universe was the last and least of all this myriad of creators. Remember that each step back up this chain demands a greater complexity. It would also require that He was disposed to terminate creation with us, or that we are destined to become the Gods that continue the progression. This answer should be quite unpalatable to those presently promoting Intelligent Design as what it truly represents is the DEVOLUTION of DEITY, and makes the God that created us the least and worst of previous deities, while indicating that we are ourselves Gods to be. Second, that the evolution of the intelligence of which we are now a part shall at some future point reach back through time and create that which we perceive as our universe. This answer is the one I like since the imagination to create the idea behind it identifies the source of deity in our universe. This source is therefore responsible for initiating that which will become the Gad that creates the universe, providing us with a starting point for everything.
I also like the second answer best because since I came up with it, that makes me the source of your God, if you believe in Intelligent Design. As such, I insist on no less than He, and will expect your tithes and worship retroactive to your professing this belief, immediately."